Kreuz Market Comes to Bryan/College Station

When I was inaugurated into the BBQ fraternity at my law firm (Daniel Stark, P.C. in Bryan, Texas) the litigation team took me to Lockhart, Texas. We went for lunch, driving two hours each way. No one thought it odd, or crazy to do so. Where else were we to go to enjoy truly great barbecue? It was there, in the BBQ Capitol of Texas (and thus the world), where I was introduced to the “Lockhart Trio”: Black’s, Smitty’s, and of course, Kreuz Market.

IMG_0232Kreuz Market has a long and storied history, owned by Texas BBQ royalty (various members of the family operate such legendary joints as Smitty’s, Schmidt Family Barbecue, and Lockhart Smoke House.) Its large brick building stands on the west side of SH 183 as you come in from Austin. The meat room is breath-taking, both in smokiness and scale.

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, coals were taken from the pit fires in Lockhart, and escorted by Rick Schmidt (former owner of Kreuz Market before selling the business to his son, Keith Schmidt) to Bryan, Texas, where a newly constructed brick pit received them and quickly sparked to life. Around this new pit stands the second Kreuz Market, the new BBQ jewel in Bryan/College Station.

On Monday, just three short days away, residents of Aggieland will be able to enjoy truly great barbecue for lunch, without having to drive two hours each way.


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