The Best of Texas Barbecue primarily publishes reviews of popular Texas BBQ joints, following our strict methodology.*  We will also bring you updates of great importance to the BBQ community, and possible future write-ups on out of state fare.  We here at The Best of Texas love Texas barbecue, and look forward to sharing our love of smoked meats with you from across Texas.



Senior Barbecue Editor: Jerrell Wise

Senior Barbecue Editor: Felix Cox

Barbecue Editor: Will Davis

Barbecue Editor: Maria Wiggins

Barbecue Commentator: Michael Bristow

Barbecue Commentator: Jonathan Stark

Barbecue Commentator: Chris Carver


* We follow a strict methodology for reviewing a barbecue restaurant.  We believe in the Holy Trinity of barbecue: brisket, ribs, and sausage.  However, there is a lot more to it than just this.  The sausage must be the original offering for the establishment, not a specialty product (i.e., jalapeno cheese sausage, etc.).  The rib must be a pork spare rib, not baby-back, and not a beef rib.  Beef ribs are extracurricular!  The brisket must be ordered in a similar fashion, not simply off the menu.  This oftentimes requires personal communication with the meat man himself, asking for the juiciest, moistest, blackest pieces available (you know, the GOOD stuff!)

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