Rest assured, there is a method to our madness…

Criteria for Selection of Restaurant for Review:

1. The establishment MUST be located inside the borders of the Lone Star state (Texas!)

2. The establishment MUST offer “Texas Style” barbecue, to include, brisket, pork ribs, and sausage.

3. The establishment should be in continuous operation at that location for at least one year.

4. The establishment should have no less than ten reviews on Google, with an overall rating of at least four stars.

5. If more than one location exists for an establishment in a specific town, only the “original” or “main” location shall be reviewed.

NOTE: The Best of Texas reserves the option to review establishments that do not meet the above criteria.  Such decisions will be made at the discretion of the individual reviewer(s).

Methodology for Review:

1. Items Scored

a. Items scored for purposes of numerical evaluation of the selected establishment shall include moist brisket, pork ribs, and original sausage.  Original sausage will be interpreted to mean whatever the establishment considers to be its regular menu item when ordering sausage.

b. All scoring reviews shall be done without the use of sauce, other than sauce applied during the cooking process (commonly seen with pork ribs). The reviewer must attempt to order the meats without sauce, other than sauce applied pursuant to the above exception.

c. Reviewers may also order sides, or other meats not included in the scoring items.  These sides and extracurricular meats may be described, evaluated, and judged, but will not be part of the official scoring for the establishment.

d. Reviewers will not score sauce.  However, it is within the reviewers discretion to describe and evaluate the sauce that is served.

e. Reviewers should describe, if possible, the the specific barbecue methods used by the pit master at the establishment, overall look and feel of the establishment, business hours, cleanliness, availability of seating, wait times, etc., but these topics will not be incorporated into the numerical rating for the establishment.

2. Scoring Scale

a. Establishments shall be scored on a scale of 0-50 points.

b. The overall scaled score shall be interpreted as follows:

50          =     Perfect – this food may have actually been made by a deity.

45-49    =     Truly Excellent!

40-44    =     Very Good Food

35-39    =     Good Food

<35        =     Reviewed

c. Weighted Scale: All meats are not created equal.  The weight given to beef brisket is half the total score, or 25 total possible points.  Pork ribs are given a total of 17 possible points.  This reflects the difficulty of making truly excellent beef brisket vs. pork ribs.  Total possible points for sausage is 9.  This isn’t to say that sausage is not important, as it is.  We won’t even review an establishment that doesn’t provide sausage to its customers.  But, we realize that good sausage is not enough to put a place on the map.

3. Scorecard

2015-03-30 TBOT Scorecard

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